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Sometimes You've Got to Lose to Win Again!

Most of us know the hit song “Sometimes you’ve got to lose to WIN again” by Fantasia Barrino. Most of us also know that song spoke of losing a romantic relationship. Here’s what we may not always realize, that sometimes relationships aren’t the only things we lose. We can also lose our jobs, money, hope, belief, attitudes, motivation, etc.

It’s was a job loss for me. What have you lost?

I remember the day my husband walked up to me in our family kitchen and said, “I can’t do this anymore. I need to hire someone else.” I turned to him in disbelief. My heart had kissed the floor. He had just fired me. But I couldn’t spend the rest of my life resenting him for it or feeling self-pity. So, I rehired myself. I gave myself permission to reset my life, realign with my purpose, and reclaim my greatness.

How many of you have lived in the shadows of someone else or the grip of fear and know you need to reset, realign, or reclaim some stuff in your life?

It was not until I started getting laser-focused and investing heavily in my personal and professional development that my life pivoted. I became a student of Lisa Nichols’ Motivating the Masses campus.

On April 29th. During my daily mediation, the phrase, “sometimes you’ve got to lose to win again” kept replaying in my head like a scratched record. So, I took to social media to share the message of hope with my followers.

Fast forward a day later. Guess what happened?

I attended a 3-day virtual summit called, Extraordinary You hosted by Lisa Nichols and her MTM team. More than 500 people present on Day 1 of this summit. A call to action came for all attendees to win a 2K scholarship toward any program on Motivating the Masses campus. I took action. Can you guess what happened next?

That’s right. I WON! You see a year ago I lost my job but since I have learned that sometimes you’ve got to lose something to win again. This time I am winning at being me, a better version of me.

How many of you are ready to WIN against the last best version of yourself to become the next best version of yourself? I want to remind you that you are not in competition with anyone but yourself. Each day, aspire to better than the day before. You are a WINNER! You will WIN again.

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