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full biography


Phillipa Dean is a motivational speaker, published author, and crisis counselor known for her civic volunteer work. She is also the founder of The Dignified Girl Project, a non-profit organization that provides new underwear and feminine care products to young girls of the inner cities. 


Blossoming from humble beginnings on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas, Phillipa Dean began her professional career, as an educator in the Bahamian Public-School system, after earning her Bachelor’s in Secondary Education from The College of the Bahamas now the University of The Bahamas. Her 12 years spent as a teacher proved to be the stepping stone in cementing her passion for youth outreach. It was through her experiences as a high school teacher that she became aware of the social ills plaguing young adults in The Bahamas and the hindrance to their academics.


Fueled by this experience, in 2014, Phillipa earned her Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Two years later she completed a certification in Drug Prevention Program Development. She became a member of both the American and Bahamas Psychological Associations, as well as a member of the International Association of Correctional Psychology. Phillipa resigned from the teaching profession, feeling she could make a better impact on the youth in a more socialized, direct and intimate manner. She founded Bridgepoint Consultancy – a behavioral healthcare consulting practice.


Her desire to make a difference in the lives of youth, drove Phillipa to become more actively involved in civic and non-profit community work. She decided to lend her professionally developed skills to The Bahamas Crisis Center, becoming a volunteer trauma counselor. Through her volunteer work, she felt lead to found The Dignified Girl Project – a community outreach program that provides free personal care packages to girls in need, aged 6 – 17 years old.


Phillipa fell in love with the art of public speaking during her formative high school years. She discovered that her experiences as a teacher enabled her to build upon her innate ability to connect with her audience in a profound way. Coupled with her naturally bubbly personality and passion for community above self, she began her foray into motivational speaking. She has since been an invited speaker even on behalf of the Bahamas Crisis Center on many occasions, lending her voice and talents to inform and educate about the vital role the center plays in the lives of youth and women’s rights.


Currently, Mrs. Dean enjoys crafting unique and engaging experiences through her speaking engagements targeting both youth and adults across the nation. Her interactive presentations focus primarily on the relationships, social ills and growing pains faced by these special audiences, encouraging them on best ways to overcome through education and social support.


Through the lens of her life experiences, love of travel and professional exposures, Phillipa has authored two books: For the Broken and, Thoughts: The Fruit of Experience both sold on LuLu.com and Amazon.com.


Phillipa attributes her accomplishments thus far to her passion, innate drive, God-given talent, and strong support system. 

"The greatest desire one could seek to achieve is to have one’s actions outrun their words”. -Phillipa Dean

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