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Somethings Unfold on Their Own

A few years ago I gifted a pink orchid plant to a friend who had lost a child. Several months ago, she sent me an update on how the plant was thriving. She admitted that when given the plant, she had no idea how to care for it. She got advice from another friend to "let the plant be, it would get everything it needed from the environment."

So she put the orchid in a pot and hung it on a low-hanging tree branch. Did she water it? No. Did she clip it? No. Did she move it in and out of direct sunlight? No. She just let it be.

To her surprise, the orchid blossomed beautifully, continuously.

Have you ever been in a situation that you didn't know how to navigate or even where to start? Sometimes we believe that we should have the answers or have things all figured out.

Like the orchid, there are some situations in our lives that we don’t understand or know how to navigate but if we just let them be, they’ll unfold on their own.

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