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Phillipa is a highly sought-after transformational speaker, also trained as a teacher, and Behavioral Therapist. 

With more than a decade of experience as an educator, she is a master presenter who has not only dominated her craft through engaging, creative, practical, and energetic presentations – but has influenced thousands to pursue better personal, civic, and professional living.

Phillipa has a unique ability to excite, inspire and connect with youth and adult audiences.


phillipa dean

PhillipA dean







“Mrs. Dean stood out as a seasoned professional, who showed a great depth of knowledge

in her field…A dynamic and engaging speaker overall...”

Inga Bostwick, RCNP Past President 2017-2018

“Mrs. Dean's eclectic style of presentation was by far trailblazing as she connected

with the graduates in an exciting yet thought-provoking manner...”

Mrs. Fontella Knowles, Principal, Preston H. Albury High School

“She was engaging, humorous and relatable. Having Mrs. Dean speak

to my class was the best decision made for the 2018 semester.”

Y. Glinton, Teacher, C.V. Bethel High School

“Her presentation was very educational and interactive, therefore engaging students for a talk that would prepare them for the rest of their lives. I believe Mrs.Dean’s presentation made a difference in our school and can in others as well.

Taryn Carroll, Student, Forest Heights Academy

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